I'm an early millenial, born and raised in and around Mannheim, Germany, now living mostly in Hamburg.

As a young boy, it was a settled matter that I would one day become a car mechanic. My enthusiasm for technology has never gone away, but in high school a very special teacher got me with economics. I majored in it (alongside English as a foreign language), and joined campuses in Heidelberg, Bonn, Mannheim, Paris and Barcelona to eventually pick up my summa cum laude PhD from Heidelberg University in 2013. I owe to Jürgen Eichberger, Lars FeldOskar GansJörg Oechssler, Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, Jean-Robert Tyran (in alphabetical order), and especially to my mentor Timo Goeschl for having been key intellectual influences at critical junctures along the way.

Meanwhile, I've been doing research and teaching at the universities of Heidelberg, Vienna, Hamburg, Birmingham, and Oldenburg, contributing inter alia to collaborative research projects on environmental criminal law and information-based environmental regulation. I've published in field-leading periodicals in economics and psychology, presented at more than three dozen events worldwide, taught more than three dozen semester courses, and supervised more than a dozen thesis projects. Since 2019, I'm working on the dynamics of climate governance within the Cluster of Excellence "Climate, Climatic Change and Society (CliCCS)" at Hamburg University. A key supporter and collaborator during the post-doc years has been Grischa Perino

For a detailed CV, go here (you need a password to do so).

My work is difficult to entangle from what I'm doing alongside. I love to discover earth on the road and the trail together with my significant other, go out for adventures, and to challenge myself in distance swimming, cycling and running. More often than not, new research ideas or solutions pop up while being out for a run, walk or ride.

And thanks to the ability to read scientific papers, I've coached myself from sedentary and overweight (2015) to international front-of-the-pack within just three years, with peak performances ranking up in the global top 5% in Ironman and Half-Ironman triathlon, and in the global top 1% in Marathon and Half-Marathon running. In search for the biggest bang for the buck, I’ve gotten quite a bit into exercise physiology, sports and nutrition science, eventually signing up for formal studies in endurance coaching, to put the advice I‘m often asked for on a proper basis. Perhaps I will graduate before I'm seventy or so. Anyway, I'm happy to share all my findings and experiences. Head over to my blog, or drop a message below.

Images derived from photographs by Sharon McCutcheon, Karla Hernandez, and Oktay Yildizprocessed with Graphite Sketchbook.