Other feats and deeds

Johannes is a passionate and ambitious distance runner, road cyclist, and triathlete. He got into the sports in the course of a comprehensive change process in his mid-30s, and they have become deeply functional for him in many ways. With zero history in endurance sports, he went long and got reasonably competitive within a relatively short period, reaching peak form in 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic crushed his plans to go for an IRONMAN World Championship qualification. Instead, he explored other formats of the sports and is now building up for a revival. Meanwhile he also acquired a professional degree in endurance sports coaching.


Johannes got into endurance sports trying a park run in fall 2015. He soon got consistent and ambitious. He finished his first marathon in the top-ten of his age group (8th, clocking in 3h17m45s for 47th place of 594 overall), and took a silver medal in the 2017 German Marathon Championships in Frankfurt (clocking in 3h4m46s) in his second race. By now he finished dozens of races over various distances, and won at several regional events. 

Since 2018 he considers pure running secondary to long-course triathlon (sometimes tertiary to cycling), but still enjoys to pick on front-pack runners and to work on his long-term goal to become a Six-Star Marathoner. His official personal bests stand around the international 99-percentile at 2h47m54s (set at the tough New York City Marathon in 2019) for the marathon and at 1h18m44s for the half (2019 Saarland State Championships). Two Majors stars, including a 2h40m trial at Berlin Marathon and an international time-qualifier slot at the legendary Boston Marathon, fell victim to the Covid-19 pandemic. Johannes has presently relocated attention to cycling.


Johannes' genuine passion is the queen of endurance sports, the full IRONMAN long-course triathlon (3.9 km open-water swimming, 180.2 km individual time trial cycling, 42.2 km road running, non-stop including transitions). After collecting experience at shorter distances in 2017, Johannes finished his inaugural full iron-distance in 2018 (IRONMAN Italy Emilia-Romagna), and clocked in his peak performing 9h27m16s a year later at IRONMAN Barcelona. In a test race two months earlier (OstseeMan 113), he also set his half-iron distance personal best clocking in 4h37m57s and winning the overall gold medal in the team category. With bike and and run splits within striking distance to a World Championship qualifying performance, Johannes was just working hard on his swim when the Covid-19 pandemic shattered his plans as all his races in 2020 and 2021 got cancelled. Johannes is awaiting a return to triathlon with limited ambition in late summer 2022.

Road cycling

Johannes is a road bike enthusiast, carefully building, customizing and maintaining his collection of machines by heart and hand. During the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, he tested out other (besides triathlon and training) formats of solo (ultra) road cycling, like brevets and bike packing, and gradually relocated attention to the more adventurous side of cycling. After epic experiences in the Alps in 2021, he has set out to finish the Three Peaks Bike Race from Vienna to Nice in 2022.


Johannes graduated in endurance sports coaching at the Academy of Sports in 2022, and heads towards an IRONMAN Coaching Certification at IMU. He loves to apply both economics and his studies in exercise physiology and training science in developing his signature approach to setting up training and racing plans (which is applied economics), and he is always happy to share advice.