I'm Jo, and am currently spending most of my time on three projects:

I am researching every day in pursuit of contributions that are big and good enough to be published in at least one of the 20 world-leading outlets in economics (or another top journal) and to leave a humble footprint in a sustainable future.

I am training every day to qualify for (and of course race in) the IRONMAN World Championship and the XTRI World Championship - or find my limit on the way.

In team with my better half, we are ticking off the small and not-so-small adventures on our bucket list that spans the globe, figuring out how to travel in a sustainable balance with nature and people.


Because I believe that purpose isn‘t to be found but to be created, that self-esteem is a matter of proof, that a leap of faith must come first, that a goal is distinguished from a wish by a plan, and that genuine understanding requires real experience. Perhaps I will never complete any of the tasks, but this is not what matters. They are means to an end: I want to learn - about the world, about myself, and about what I can do to make better versions of both.