Dare to believe

In the midth of difficult times, I have chosen to share some of the "Letters to Myself" that I have written in recent years. They are about the inner dialogues that probably anybody knows in some form, revolving around the themes of motivation and self-empowerment. I'm dedicating them to a remarkable woman having the unique ability to share strength wrapped into joy. 

This is No. 2.

Dear self.

If you believe that I cannot do it, you will be just right. 

If you believe that I am not good enough, you will be just right. 

If you believe that it is not worth trying, then there is no way.

Dare to believe that there is a way, and I will do the first step.
Dare to believe that I can go that way, and I will carry on.
Dare to believe in me.

And nothing will stop me.

Title image based on a photograph by ExnD. Processed by me with Graphite Sketchbook.

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